Beetles Blog: Back in the USSR

A hacker, Russian or otherwise, can plot a scheme along the fault lines and pull off a heist without leaving a single fingerprint.

It wasn't until May 2018 that FBI warned Americans about their routers. Investigators said Russian hackers (referring to them as foreign cyber actors) had compromised hundreds of thousands of network routers used in homes and small offices all over America. They called it a worldwide threat and said Russian hackers are able to collect user information with it and shut down network traffic.

Beetles Blog: Famous Lost Worlds

The internet has been a boon and an inseparable partner in our modern lives, but it has its own disadvantages as well.

The Internet is infinite, but still growing every day. It has given rise to new opportunities in every field imaginable, be it business, entertainment, education or otherwise. Our entire lives have been neatly packaged and uploaded in a digital version of ourselves. All our personal data, our friends and families, our likes and dislikes, even our financial history and current data are stored in invisible packets in the vast openness of the world wide web. For our own ease of access, we have digitalized our entire businesses, where we prefer to store even the most sensitive information in these packets, all our trade secrets, our financial data, our vulnerabilities and our opportunities.